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‘V.I.T. is The perfect training to be a future mobile storyteller!’

Kevin | Participant of the Video Impact Training

Be a skilled

Learn to Speak out
in video!

Activate your network! with your story!

We believe in an inclusive world. Where people participate and contribute with their ideas, answers and actions. Thats why we want to empower them with our Training and Projects Storytelling.

Watch Video of 
the Video impact training

Video created by participant Kennedy

Effective Storytelling programs to empower people

Video Impact Training

  • Learn to think and work as a professional
    video maker
  • Create videos for clients
  • >6 months

Video impact Projects

  • Develop your answers and solutions for ‘hot’ topics and issues
  • Activate and inspire your network with your video stories
  • 1- 10 days

GOlypoon Storytelling in progress

Nairobi | Kenya
Video Impact Training

Jerevan | Armenia
Video Impact Project

Chennai | india
Video impact Training

Purity tries to raise awareness on Women Rights in Kenya

"I created my own video story about Women Rights and Equality. Now I can try activate my network with my message on social media."

How we partner up

Cooperation School,
Foundation or Church

5 years training commitment

Participants from target groups

Live & online

Bags with Training
& video equipment

All the power of mobile storytelling just in one bag

This bag contains:

a Training module

Live training &
online follow up

Video Equipment

Create and share 
your social video

help us,
Make a donation
for one bag!

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Vanessa learned how to create & share powerful video stories

"I found my job-focus. Its clear to me which steps I need to take. So now I can activate my network with my needs. My video pitch will help me reach many people via social media."

Recent Storytelling Programs of Golypoon Foundation

Nairobi Kenya

Life Skills

Chennai India

Clean Drinkwater

Busovaca Bosnia

Social Empowerment

Sumaré Brasil

Social Empowerment

Cliff produces videos for social media channels as a mobile storyteller

"As storyteller I can help clients to reach new clients by presenting their video's online."

To Golypoon Storytelling Home

Golypoon Foundation

power program
for future
Mobile storytellers!

"I want to activate and inspire my network with my video stories. So we can find answers together for the "domestic Based Violence problems in Kenya."

Our Programs

Video Impact Training


Video Impact Projects


Goals of our storytelling programs

Learn to be a professional Storyteller

Boost Personal engagement on ‘hot’ topics & issues

 activate and inspire your network with your video stories

Watch Video 
of the 
Video impact training

Created by participant Kennedy

Storytelling in progress

Nairobits | Kenya

Jerevan | Armenia

Chennai | India

"The Video Impact Training opened up a whole new world of opportunities in media for me. Now I am joining a media school!"

How the V.I.T. 
comes to work

commitment  with school, foundation or church

>5 yrs. 
training commitment

Training modules
& Video Equipment

Live & online 

V.i.t. Module

From briefing
to Story

From story
to scenario

Film & edit
your story

Present & upload
your video story

"As storyteller I can help clients to tell their stories by using online media."

Recent storytelling

Nairobits | Kenya

Busovaca|  BosniA

Sumare | Brasil

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from our