Golypoon Brasil Filmproject


12 Teens (12-17 years) participate in this filmproject in Sumaré, Brazil. Subject of the filmproject will be their own daily life in the Favela. In everyday life they face hostility, criminality, abuse, gang hood, poverty and drugs abuse. In this filmproject we empower participants to create stories of hope for the Favela. Because hope and love will may cause a change and give other habitants inspiration to think of a better future.

“The Golypoon crew empowered the teens to make good choices. They also empowered them and gave them hope. Hope that can build a better future.”
Eva, community manager Sumaré, Brazilië

The film presentation left favela residents in agitation 

All movies were screened to neighbours, friends and family of the favela. A big moment for the teens who worked very hard to produce the movie. Most viewers were touched by the result. Not only to see the teens they know on the big screen but also the story they tell to choose what is right to bring peace and happiness.

Watch the movie

“Unbelievable to see what the crew of Golypoon achieves in such short time with the teens. They inspire and empower teens with passion, love and hope.”

Elias Germano, Founder Brasil Esperanto.

“I saw teens dream again. I saw the light in their eyes while acting in front of the camera.”

Garcia, principal of Summaré school

Acting empowers teens 

During role playing and acting in front of the camera, teens learn to depend on each other.  It takes courage to play a role. This fase also is a big boost for their confidence & self esteem.