Video Impact Training

“Now I can use my smartphone
to produce video stories
for clients!”

Kevin | Participant of the Video Impact Training

Effective training for future Mobile storytellers

The demand for video stories on online & social media is bigger than ever! Companies need creative stories to have their unique story present and outstanding their competitors! We are convinced that young people can play a key role in this demand. Thats why we offer them the Video Impact Training (V.I.T.). Participants of the V.I.T. learn all skills necessary to use their smartphones to make videos. So they can create, tell and upload creative video stories for clients.

Watch Video 
of the 
Video impact training

Created by participant Kennedy

Goals of the Video Impact Training

Professional training 

Best practices with 
real clients cases

Future jobs in social 
media & communication

Kevin is a Storyteller for companies like NGO's:

"I create video stories to tell company stories from the inside."

Recent Training programs

Nairobi | Kenya

Chennai | india

How the Video Impact Training comes to work

Cooperation School,
Foundation or Church

5 years training commitment

Participants from target groups

Live & online

Bags with Training
& video equipment


  • > 5y. Commitment with Schools, Foundations or Churches
  •  3 x Bags with Training & Video Equipment
  • 1 year of live & online training each semester 

All the power of mobile storytelling just in one bag

The bag of the mobile storytellers contains:

Training module

Live training &
online follow up

Video Equipment

Scenario writing,
filming & editing

help future storytellers...
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for one bag!

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the V.i.t. Module

Step 1

From briefing
to story

step 2

Story into
a scenario

step 3

Film & edit
your story

step 4

Present & upload
your story


Jobs, education or
other perspectives

Vanessa learned how to create & share powerful video stories

"I learned to focus on my own future and to turn my goals into a powerful story. Now I activate and inspire my network with my videos."

partners of Golypoon Foundation

Purity produces videos for social media channels as a mobile storyteller

"As storyteller I can help clients to tell their stories through online media."

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Video Impact Training

effective training
for future
Mobile storytellers!

"As storyteller I can help clients to tell their stories by using online media."

Goals of the Video impact training

Professional training storytelling

BEST PRACTICES for real client cases

Future jobs in
social media & communications

Watch Video 
of the 
Video impact training

Created by participant Kennedy

Recent V.I.T. Programs

Nairobits | Kenya

Chennai | India

"The Video Impact Training opened up a whole new world of opportunities in media for me. Now I am joining a media school!"

How the V.I.T. 
comes to work

partner up with school, foundation or church

>5 yrs. 
training commitment

Sponsored cam bags with Training modules
& Video Equipment

Live & online 
training during whole semester

"I want to activate and inspire my network with my video stories for the "domestic Based Violence problems in Kenya."

V.I.T. Program

From briefing
to Story

From story
to scenario

Film & edit
your story

Present & upload
your video story to clients & presentation

Recent V.i.t.

Metterdaad Kenya | NPO 2

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from our